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Pinterest is Taking Over

English: Red Pinterest logo

I have been largely absent on this blog as well as on the various social networking sites I am a member of for the past month or so.  Still, I managed to find myself another social networking site in that time frame, and, I must admit, I am in LOVE!!

I didn’t jump right into Pinterest–I really didn’t see the point.  Still, so many people were talking about it, that I figured I would check it out.  When I first signed up, I rarely looked at it.

Then I found the recipes. And the home décor tips and tricks.  Before long, I was hooked!

Here are a few of my favorite things I have come across on Pinterest:

I repinned this from one of my WANA friends, Liv Rancourt.



Of course, I needed to run right out and try it for myself, and I have to say, it not only looks great, but it smells awesome, too.

I also came across this awesome idea for necklace storage, which I repinned from my awesome friend Veronica Bocian.



I tried this one, too, and I am in love with the result!

Even better, I have found too many awesome recipes to count.  Here’s one of my favorites, which I made on Saturday for a Girls-night potluck.  :-)



Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, but I highly recommend the recipe!

Have you tried Pinterest yet? Do you have any favorites that you have tried? Anything that failed miserably? Something you just can’t wait to try? Let us know below! :-)

Interview with Author Shay Fabbro

Today, I am excited to have Shay Fabbro visiting to share what exciting things she has coming up! :-)

SMN:  Hi, Shay! I am so excited to welcome you back to my blog! Congrats on the release of the second novel in your YA series, The Adventures of Alexis Davenport! I have really enjoyed the series so far.  I understand you are planning on one more book for the series.  Can you share some of what to expect in book three?

SF: Oh my goodness! There’s quite a lot that’s going to come up in book 3! Alex will find an ally in the most unexpected place, deal with a pretty major issue at home, and finally meet Drifter face-to-face! I’m so excited to begin work on this last book. It’s going to be epic!

SMN:  I know you are also working on a sci-fi series.  Can you tell us a little about that?

SF: My scifi series involves a group called The Chosen that must fight the Mekan fleet to save the galaxy. The Chosen come from four different planets, which leads to some pretty interesting confrontations. Things go badly for the Chosen when one of them is killed. I just signed a contract with BookTrope Publishing for the Portals of Destiny series so the books have been pulled from websites and retailers (there are a few paperbacks available from 3rd party sellers on Amazon). But never fear! I should have a launch date for the re-release of the books so keep your eyes peeled on my website!

SMN:  I read on in your interview with Karen DeLabar that you had some ideas for a crime/thriller series.  This seems to be a break from your usual sci-fi/fantasy genre. Are you excited about trying out a new genre?

SF: *claps hands excitedly* I have ideas for two books that will be stand-alone but with the same main characters (the detectives). I got these ideas from dreams (no surprise there!) and are going to be fairly creepy and twisted, which is what crime/thriller are supposed to be. I’m going to immerse myself in that genre by reading as much as I can so I can really nail the books.

SMN:  My three favorite genres to read are YA, Romance, and Crime/Thrillers (needless to say, I am excited about the possibility of a new genre for you). What are your favorite genre’s to read?

SF: I would have to say Scifi, Fantasy, and Horror. But I also read  mysteries, crime/thriller, some paranormal, but it tends to be more on the level of urban fantasy.

SMN:  What is your favorite way to read? Kindle? Nook? Paper?

SF: I own a Kindle and do read on that quite a bit. It’s very handy to keep in my purse for those long waits at the DMV or doctor’s office. That’s not to say I don’t read paperbacks, but I generally save those for my favorite authors, since they do cost a bit more than Kindle books by hot, new authors!

SMN:  Where can we find out more about you and your books?

SF: You can find me on my website, Facebook fanpage for the Portals of Destiny series, Facebook fanpage for the Alexis Davenport series, Twitter accounts for scifi/fantasy (@ShayFabbro) and YA (@DrShayFabbro).

Thank you so much for stopping by, Shay! I love chatting with you! :-)

Have a question for Shay that I missed? Ask in the comments and I will be sure to pass them along! :-)

Shay Fab­bro was born in Long­mont, CO and moved to the town of Grand Junc­tion, CO in the early 1980′s. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biol­ogy from Mesa State Col­lege before earn­ing her doc­tor­ate degree in Human Med­ical Genet­ics from the Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado Anschutz Med­ical Cam­pus in Aurora, CO. Dr. Fab­bro cur­rently lives in Grand Junc­tion with her hus­band, Rich, and their two cats. When not writ­ing nov­els, she teaches biol­ogy classes at Mesa State Col­lege. She is hard at work on the sec­ond novel in the Por­tals of Des­tiny series, Shat­tered Des­tiny, as well as a new young adult series, The Adven­tures of Alexis Dav­en­port.  Find Shay at her blog, on Twit­ter and on Face­book. You can find her books at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smash­words.

Friends is WHAT?!?!?!?!

Several months ago I came across a Friends marathon that seemed to go on forever (it was on for days). As there was very little else on television, I kept it on the TV pretty much 24 hours a day.

This was actually a good thing for my productivity.  I have seen every episode (many times), so I can tune it out.  It just became background noise, which is good for someone who can’t work or sleep it total silence.

Even so, after a couple of days, I started to get tired of what was once my favorite show on television.  I mentioned it to my husband during the episode “The One with the Free Porn,” which originally aired in 1998.

For those unfamiliar with the show (or the particular episode), here is the description of this part of the storyline from IMDB:

Joey hits a button on the remote control and free porn is on TV. They can’t turn it off anymore because otherwise they won’t find the channel anymore…. Chandler and Joey need a break from porn so they watch TV at the girls’ place. (Pasted from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0583608/plotsummary)

Even better, just watch a clip ;-) :

Of course, when I tell my husband I am getting tired of Friends, his response is that I should just turn it off.  Assuming he was paying attention to the television (and not really thinking before I spoke), I responded, ” I can’t.  Friends is porn.”

I really wish I would have had a camera to capture the look on his face at that comment! :-)

What I meant was that, much like Joey and Chandler, I loved knowing that it was there, even if I was getting bored. I also shared their fear that, if I changed the channel, it would be gone.  (OK, I could have hit the guide button to see when it ended, but that would have made sense).

So, there I sat, watching Friends while he laughed.  Eventually, the marathon ended and I returned to life as normal.  But, I still turn Friends on to fall asleep every night (TV Land, from 11pm-1am).

Of course, to hear my husband tell it, I fall asleep to porn every night. ;-)

Do you have a television show that you just can’t turn off when you come across it? A favorite movie series? Any good stories of stupid thing you have said that you will never hear the end of? ;-)

Guest Post by Shay Fabbro

I am thrilled to have a guest post from that awesome Shay Fabbro today! Shay recently released the second book in her YA series,  Twisted Reflections.  I was privileged to be able to read the story prior to publication, and I can honestly say I loved this book!

For more about this series, check out my review of the first book in the series, Dangerous Reflections, over at Writing on the Rocks.

In addition to her newly-released novel, Shay has also recently announced some great news regarding her sci-fi Portals of Destiny series, which you can check out on her site.

Here are a few of Shay’s thoughts on her YA series, the Adventures of Alexis Davenport:

My first book was a scifi/fantasy story that ended up expanding to such a degree that it turned into a trilogy (Portals of Destiny). It was such a blast to write, especially since I grew up reading scifi and fantasy novels. Piers Anthony was my first. A Spell for Chameleon was the first adult fantasy book I ever read. Cut my teeth on Tolkein when I was in middle school. I used to write short sequels (they’d be called novellas today) after reading many of Piers’ books because I didn’t want the story to end! Of course, he would come out with his own sequels but I didn’t care. I was having fun writing. I also grew up watching scifi on TV. Star Trek, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET! It is so amazing being whisked away to a different world and experience an adventure.

When I ventured into writing, it made sense for me to stick to what I knew and loved: scifi/fantasy. The plot worked itself out and I had full synopses written for the Portals of Destiny before I ever started writing the first chapter of The Chosen. The story itself flowed fairly easily and the characters developed naturally and believably (at least I think so).

Then one day while getting ready for work and staring into the mirror, I had a thought. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the reflection change to someone else’s face? Of course the idea of being terrified never entered my mind. I stared at my reflection (which only had make-up on one eye, mind you) almost as if I could force my reflection to change. It never did. I thought about the idea all the way to work and by the time I got to my desk, the idea for Dangerous Reflections was taking shape.

Now, for this book, the heroine was going to be very different. Rather than being an alien from some distant world, or a magic-wielding elf from a forest, she was going to be an average, ordinary, human girl. And to add some depth, I decided to have her be a fifteen year-old girl.

Little did I know how out of my element I was heading!

I have never really read much young adult (YA) books. When I was younger, I tried to read Judy Blume and all that but it just didn’t hold my interest. A few years ago I forced myself to read Twilight and couldn’t wait to be done. Sorry for all the Twi-hards out there but for me, the book was wretched. I hated Bella from the start and that made it hard to sympathize with her.

When it came to starting on Dangerous Reflections, I tackled it like I did my scifi/fantasy stuff. And boy, was that the WRONG way to tackle it! ;-)

I had the opportunity to send several sample chapters to an agent (through someone’s blog) and she gave me some invaluable advice. I made the huge mistake of trying to write a YA book without understanding what elements make a YA book, well… a YA book!

The biggest thing I had to deal with was the point of view (POV). For my scifi/fantasy books, I had many different POVs since I had more than one main character. Each of them is important and showing the world through their eyes in a vital component in letting the reader get a glimpse into their motivations and helps with the empathy. Some of my characters seem harsh and despicable until you read things from their POV. The reader gets a chance to see how these characters see the world. I personally think the real world needs to take a lesson in POV; if we spent as much time seeing the world from an enemies eyes, we may find we have much more in common than we realize.

Now, in the case of YA, the POV is the main character and that’s it. I was adding the POVs of Alex’s mother and aunt. This lovely agent pointed out that teens don’t give a rat’s ass about what adults are thinking or feeling, in real life and especially in what they read. I had to use some creativity to let the possible adult readers (and they WILL care about what the adult’s motives are) know what makes the adults in the story tick. I ended up having Alex overhead (well, eavesdrop actually) a conversation between her mother and her aunt where she learns some very disturbing news about her father. And it worked brilliantly! The reader then knows what caused the rift between the mother and aunt, and they then get to read about Alex’s reaction to hearing an adult conversation that was clearly not meant for teen ears. Haven’t we all done that at some point? You get all hot and sweaty and can’t breathe. You don’t want to hear more and yet you can’t move from the spot.

I also had to really think about what motivates teens and think back to when I was that age (and it was a long time ago! LOL) and what things were important to me. And it was much different than what’s important to an adult character. I had to dredge up some painful memories of how I treated my folks and times when I hurt them deeply because I lashed out about some stupid thing or other. But that’s the thing! To a teenager, everything is the end of the world and it’s all about the drama.

Another bit of advice I got was to write dialog and internal dialog as teens would speak. My fantasy novels don’t use a ton of contractions since not every species in the universe will speak the same. But here on Earth, nearly everyone speaks with contractions and they speak very informally. Teens especially. One thing I did was to really listen to how teens talk. And I was shocked and saddened by the language I heard and the slang they use. Now, in YA, you can’t have explicit sex or harsh language. Sooooo, I had to have a happy medium: realistic dialog without all of the f-bombs and other inappropriate language. But I think I did pretty good. I also had this feeling that I wanted to make my teens sound like they are somewhat educated. I realize that you want to reach a target audience but there’s nothing wrong with developing characters that have traits that should be admired. Alex is a very smart student and has an uncanny knack for memorizing historical knowledge (which comes in handy for her time traveling through the mirror). I think having a character that is a “nerd” is something that will appeal to all sorts of readers. And it shows that there’s nothing wrong with being studious

To read excerpts, visit my website at www.shayfabbro.com

Follow me on Twitter  (@DrShayFabbro) or Facebook (on the Alexis Davenport fanpage).

Shay Fab­bro was born in Long­mont, CO and moved to the town of Grand Junc­tion, CO in the early 1980′s. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biol­ogy from Mesa State Col­lege before earn­ing her doc­tor­ate degree in Human Med­ical Genet­ics from the Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado Anschutz Med­ical Cam­pus in Aurora, CO. Dr. Fab­bro cur­rently lives in Grand Junc­tion with her hus­band, Rich, and their two cats. When not writ­ing nov­els, she teaches biol­ogy classes at Mesa State Col­lege. She is hard at work on the second novel in the Por­tals of Des­tiny series, Shat­tered Des­tiny, as well as a new young adult series, The
Adven­tures of Alexis Dav­en­port
.You can find her books at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smash­words.

Thank you so much for visiting today, Shay!! :-)

Some Early March Fun in the Sun!!

I had a great post planned for today, but that is just going to have to wait a couple of weeks. :-) After all, today is Fun in the Sun Friday, so I can’t help but post on the amazing weather we have been having here in the Northeast this week (and what looks to be for the rest of the near future).

Here is a screen shot of our forecast for the next week or so:

 For those of you in warmer-weather climates, this is not at all typical this time of year.  Average highs are in the 50s.  Last year we were struggling to get to the 40s, so this is a real treat!

Of course, the first thing I did when I saw the forecast was to get all of the patio furniture out of the garage and clean it up.  :-)

After that, I sat back, propped my feet up, and spent some quality time with my Nook.  :-)

And, of course, I spent some time playing with the pup. :-)

This weekend, we plan on tackling some gardening (ok, weeding), do some more reading, and, of course, teach the pup that she needs to put the ball in my hand, not at me feet when we play fetch.  Having to bend down to get the ball every 20 seconds makes it much more difficult to read while I play.  ;-)

What is your favorite way to enjoy a warm early spring day? Do you prefer to relax with a good book, or do you favor more active pursuits? Ay of you gardening fans want to come help my hubby pull some weeds? (I love my gardens, but hate the upkeep!)

Spring is Here: Time to Clean!

When I was a kid, I was never very organized.  I was always the kid that could fill a bag of garbage simply with the contents of my locker. So, people who knew me as a kid are often surprised to see how organized I am now.

I start out every morning by straightening up the house and doing a  bit of cleaning.  Until that is done, I struggle to concentrate on anything else.  Even though I keep up with the cleaning throughout the year, I still find myself with the inevitable junk drawers and messy closets even once in a while.

Usually they don’t bother me, but there are a few thing that make me feel the need to ignore everything else and just get organized.  The first is when we do a project around the house. I also always feel the need to do massive cleaning as I get over being sick, especially after a stomach bug.  And, lastly, the first warm temps of spring always make me feel the need to go into mega-organizer mode. :-)

Well, the past two weeks, we (meaning my husband, brother-in-law, and dad, while I “supervised”) have built one wall and knocked down another.  Now, my dining room is open to my living room, and I have a brand-new walk-in storage closet (or at least I will as soon as it is painted.) ;-) One reason to clean. (For those that have asked, pictures are coming soon.)

This weekend, while the boys were hard at work, I was fighting a nasty stomach bug, complete with fevers and 3 days with no food.  I tend to be a bit of a germaphobe, so now I just feel like I need to get all of that out of the house.  Reason two to clean.  :-)

Oh, and have I mentioned that it is going to be 70 degrees today, and even warmer tomorrow and next week.  Yup, a trifecta.

So, what have I been watching this week?  The inside of my closets and drawers! (I even put away most of my heavy sweaters and pants in favor of the lighter spring stuff, much earlier that usual.  Of course, the winter stuff will just be in that new closet should I need it. ;-) )

So , while I go give into my compulsions–and hopefully get to spend some time relaxing outside in this amazing weather–I found this video of Ellen DeGeneres‘s take on shortcut to spring cleaning.  Check it out:

Seriously, is anyone else thinking they need an eco-friendly dishwasher? ;-) What makes you feel the need to clean?  Do you “spring clean”? Are you experiencing this amazing March warm-up? Any plans to take advantage of the weather?

Social Networking Overload

This weekend, I found myself spending more time than usual chatting with friends on social networking sites.  It wasn’t long before I once again found myself having conversations on multiple sites at the same time–in some cases with the same person.

I really didn’t think too much about it until I got a text asking why I hadn’t answered a question on FB Messenger, but was still on Twitter. Oops.To be honest, I just lost track of what was where, and I missed it.  The fact that I was on my phone certainly didn’t help.  Some days, it would just be nice if everything was all in one place. (I know, wishful thinking. ;-) )

Like many people, I enjoy talking to friends and meeting new people on Social Network. In addition to my “real life” friends and family, many of the writers I have met online have become valuable friends.  Still, there are days that I just feel overwhelmed. Of course, what better way to deal with it than writing a blog post? ;-)

I was looking through videos on YouTube this morning, and came across this.  I have to say… it made me feel better and worse all at the same time.  Why?

I haven’t heard of at least half of these sites.  This is a good thing–to a point.  Still, when I get an invite to a new site, I have a hard time saying no.  So, I have to wonder, will I soon be singing the same social media blues?

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with social networking sites, or are you much better than I am at just saying no? Have you ever found yourself having two different conversations with the same person on two different sites–at the same time–as I did this weekend (more than once)? Does it confuse you, too?

If you had to choose just one social networking site and delete your accounts everywhere else, which would you choose? Why?

Yay For Spring Training!!

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am trying out some theme days for my blog.  Today, I am excited for my first Fun-in-the-Sun Friday! :-)

I have made no secret of the fact that I hate winter.  I am a spring and summer girl through and through.  Last week, I mentioned that my two favorite things about the warmer weather of spring and summer are beaches and baseball. (I bet you would have never guessed the first one from looking at my site!) ;-)

Spring Training is well under way in the warmer climates, something that I have been looking forward to since October.  :-)  Someone asked me a few days ago if I had always been a baseball fan.  In some ways, I have. In others, not so much.

I have always liked the Phillies, but I haven’t always been an avid baseball fan. I followed the team, but I didn’t watch a lot of televised games.  Still, even before my baseball craze took over, I always loved going to the games.

I love pretty much everything about live professional baseball games:

  • The game and being able to see the determination and concentration on the players faces (Let’s be honest, the tight pants aren’t all bad, either. ;-) )
  • The passion of the fans (other than the obnoxious few).  I love watching them, making up little stories about their lives (sometimes the writer in me just can’t be silenced). ;-)
  • The indulgent (unhealthy) food
  • The smell of the fresh-cut grass
  • The heat of the sun on my face
  • The joy on kids faces when a player tosses them a ball

The list goes on and on. :-) But, as much as I loved going to baseball games, I rarely got to more than one game every year or two until, about five years ago, Coca-Cola Park, a brand-new stadium, was built less than 5 miles from my house.  It was to be the home of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the new Triple-A affiliate for the Philadelphia Philles.  With the games so close, we started going fairly regularly.

At first, I became more of a Pigs’ fan than a Phillies fan.  Then I noticed that players that I regularly rooted for we making their way up to the Phillies.  Occasionally, a Phillies player would come to rehab at Coca-Cola Park.  Suddenly, I found myself watching Phillies games on television whenever they were available. (A disagreement between Comcast and DirecTV means a lot of the games are blacked out in our area for DirecTV customers, even though we are only an hour from Philly.)

Over the first two seasons the Iron Pigs were in this area we found ourselves going to more and more games.  Soon, I was watching Red Sox games on TV with my husband (who has always been a huge baseball fan).  Before long, I started watching any game that was on–regardless of team.

So, to answer the original question, I have always liked baseball, but it is only in recent years that I could tell you the number of days until spring training started, or the first preseason game (1, unless you count the game against Florida State the Phillies played on Wednesday), or until Opening Day (34 for both the Phillies and the  Pigs–and yes, I already have my Pigs tickets), or the number of days until the first game of my 18-game season ticket plan (43).

Are you a baseball fan?  What is your favorite team?  Have you been a fan as long as you can remember, or did something else get you interested?  For those of you who are not baseball fans, what is your favorite sport?


The Dancing Dirt Dudes have added another thing
to love about baseball in the Leigh Valley :-D

What I’m Watching–Coffeehouse Edition

Happy Leap Day, everyone!!

I have been making a lot of changes to this site in the past few days, and I still have a few more on the way.  I am just finishing Kristen Lamb’s blogging class, and I am having fun with implementing everything I have learned.

One of the things I have been throwing around for quite some time now (since even before the class) was theme days.  I always struggle coming up with topics, so I thought having a theme to stick with would be helpful.  Unfortunately, I could never come up with a topic that I could write about week in and week out.

Through this class, I realized I was trying to be too specific in choosing topics.  For example, I had thought about a weekly review of what I was reading–but then what would I do if life got in the way and I didn’t have much reading time that week? Or if I read a book I really didn’t like, but didn’t want to call that out to the world?

This weekend, my awesome husband and I were chatting about the class, and he had a few ideas for me.  We discussed them, and but his ideas and mine together to come up with three themes that we think work well for me (and even fit with my awesome new logline, thanks to Kristen).

  1. Mix-up Mondays
    I really struggle with Monday posts, so I didn’t want to be too tied down with this one (plus, the alliteration was fun).  This will have a bit of everything–a monthly mashup of awesome blogs and websites, great YouTube videos, guest posts, interviews…basically anything that comes to mind.  Even better–they can easily be written and scheduled in advance! :-) No more Monday morning rush to write my blog post!!
  2. What I am Watching Wednesdays
    I’ll admit it–I can be a bit of a TV addict.  I have three DVRs in my house, for those days when there are 5 shows on at the same time that I want to record.  The nice thing is, even in the leaner months when there is very little on TV, I always have something to watch when the mood strikes! :-)
    On the other hand, I don’t want to just write about what television shows I am watching. Here I will talk about anything that I see that strikes and interest –from television to movies, theatre, and people watching (one of my favorite things to watch).   I can even include books here, since I have to look at them in order to read them.  :-)
  3. Fun-in-the-Sun Fridays
    I have to admit, this one is my favorite.  I am a beach bum at heart. I love baseball.  I love sitting outside and reading.  Even driving is more fun with the sunroof open.  :-) I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite activities related to fun in the sun.
Of course, I can see some overlaps between the themes–people watching at the beach? Reading in the sun? :-) In that case, I will just pick one.  :-)
So, in the spirit of Wednesday, I figured I would share some of the interesting characters I observed at Starbuckslast week (who may or may not end up in one of my stories). ;-)
I took my laptop to Starbucks for a few hours to write.  I am always amazed at how productive I can be away from the distractions of home.  Even my people watching didn’t seem to hinder my productivity.  :-)There were two people in particular that amused me.  The first was a lady who appeared to by my age (early- to mid-thirties).  She came in , talking loudly on her cell phone and sat that the table in front of mine.  At first I was wishing I had headphones to drown her out–until I heard what she was talking about.
She proceeded to have a very loud 25-minute conversation about how she hates rude people who sit and talk loudly on cell phones in public.  As she did this, she glared at the gentleman at the table next to me (who we’ll get to in a minute) who was having a quiet conversation on his phone (his table was closer to mine, yet I couldn’t hear what he was saying).
Finally, she went up to the counter and complained to the manager about how it was absurd that she allowed cell phone use in the restaurant, as it kept anyone else from getting any work done.  Pot calling the kettle black, anyone? She was the only one in there talking loudly enough to keep anyone from getting anything done.  I seriously kept waiting for a television crew to pop out, Candid Camerastyle.  :-)

The gentleman next to me (who would quietly answer his phone and take a message, haying he would call back or else step outside to talk) seemed like a perfectly nice guy.  Definitely a regular, he seemed to know a lot of the other customers.    He regularly would go sit down at other table and chat with people.  A few come to his table, and they exchanged phone numbers.

It was obvious he didn’t know these people well, as he had to ask for their last names before the could put them in his phone book.  With the first, the new friend had a German last name, and the guy commented on it, noting that his mom was 100% German.

With the next, the last name was Spanish.  Again, a comment was made about heritage, and the new friend said he was Ecuadorian, and the guy at the next table commented that his dad was 100% Ecuadorian.  The made the obligatory comments about it being a small world, and the new friend went on his way.

I thought it was an interesting coincidence, but didn’t think too much about it until the third new friend–Italian this time.  And guess what? Mom was suddenly 100% Italian.  Interesting…:-)

Now I know, there could have been step families in there, but it still gave me a laugh.  (More likely, I tend to think the conversation was more a way of the guy associating the new last name with the person. )

Have you seen any interesting people when you have been out and about lately?   For writers, does anyone else have a notebook of interesting characters they have seen out and about in real life?

Oh, and what do you think of the new logline and theme days?

How do you organize?

A lot of people have been talking about how they like to read lately–eBook or paper? Piles of books scattered everywhere, or organized shelves?

Personally, I do love eBooks!  My Nook had me sold from day one.  That being said, there are still books that I absolutely must have in a hard copy:

  1. Reference books, such as writing books
    When I was in school, I tried getting eBooks.  Thank goodness for the trial period, because I ended up with the hard copy every time.  Same with writing books.  I am addicted to my highlighter, and I find it easier to do by hand than on my eReader.  I also tend to write a lot of notes in the margins and mark things with Post-it flags.  I know most eReaders allow you to do this, too, but this is one time where I feel the technology does not make life easier.
  2. Books I absolutely love
    I usually buy new fiction for my Nook.  I like having my entire to be read list with me wherever I am.  That being said, if I read a book and know it is something that I am going to read over and over, I need it in both format.  This goes both ways–if I read a hard copy book and fall in love, I will grab the eBook, too.  Needless to say, I have quite a few books in both formats.  :-)
  3. Classics–books I want to be able to pass on to my children
    I have a lot of classics on my shelves.  I started my collection years ago, and always said I would one day pass them on to my children.  At this point, I have too many to start over, and I am too compulsive to have them in two different formats. This leads me to…
  4. Books in series
    I need to have all of the books in a series in the same format.  My grandmother will often buy books, read them, and then pass them on to me.  If she gives me book one of a trilogy, I will buy 2 and 3 in hard copy, too.

Having similar book in the same format is not the only way I am compulsive with my books.  I have certain ways I organize them, depending on what type of books they are.  I have three different sets of bookshelves in my house–fiction, non-fiction, and TBR (to be read).  Fiction books are arranged alphabetically by author, and are on shelves in our sunroom.  Non-fiction are arranged by topic, and are on the built-in shelves in the office.  My TBR books are in the living room, organized by genre, then alphabetically by author.

My Nook is the same way.  I have created two shelves for each genre–those on the TBR list and those I have read.  When I finish a book, I immediately move it from the TRB list to the Read list.  Then, when I want to read something new, I just have to go to the shelf for the genre I am in the mood for, and I can see all the books I have already purchased but not yet read.  (I warned you I was compulsive!) :-)

Earlier today, I came across this video that was inspired by a couple that was organizing their bookshelves.  I have to say, it looks like they are having a whole lot more fun than I am while organizing their shelves! :-)

So, where do you fall? Are you a fan of eBooks or paper–or a bit of each? Do you keep your books organized, or do you prefer having them lying around wherever you are? Did that video make you want to organize your books by color, too? ;-)


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